Ron and I currently share our home with 4 Swedish Vallhunds and a much loved, very mellow senior Golden Retriever.  Ron is basically retired, though you would never know it from all of the projects he works on. I have an office admin/accounts payable position with a local Welding and Fabrication shop. In our spare time we like to travel, he enjoys hockey and fishing in Valdez while I like to sew, quilt and work on various other projects. We both love animals and enjoy sharing our lives with them.

              I "discovered" the Swedish Vallhund breed in my search for a smaller dog. I wanted a smaller, more portable, yet sturdy breed . After much research and a trip to California to meet some in person I decided that a Swedish Vallhund was for me!  Of course it then took time to contact a breeder and get on a wait list before actually getting a pup. Many thanks to Cheryl Albert of Caval Kennel for entrusting me with Josie. (Caval's Dancing Josie) who became the first 'potato chip' in January of 2007.

             It soon became clear that one Vallhund was not enough, (hence the potato chip comment) so in March of 2009 Fantasi Little Jack Horner came to Alaska courtesy of Pam Abrath of  Fantasi Swedish Vallhunds. Jack came out of his crate at the airport full of curiosity & confidence and over 8 years later still hasn't stopped.

             I began doing basic obedience training with my Aussies when I lived in Anchorage, then after moving to North Pole I joined the local Kennel Club and became interested in conformation.  I started with Josie as a pup and continued on with Jack.  Jack and I have also taken agility classes, participated in a couple of herding instinct tests (non official) and we are currently working on Trick Dog titles. 

             While Jack & Josie produced a nice litter of 7 puppies, after seriously evaluating them I chose not to do a repeat. I did add another female (see Isa's page under photo gallery) and male (see Dancer's page under photo gallery) with hopes of improving and furthering the breed. Life does not always work out as you plan, and neither of them passed their hip exams when old enough to be tested. For now, breeding is on hold until the right girl comes along for Jack.

              I am on the Board of our National Breed Club (SVCA - see Breed Info page) and welcome all inquiries. I am always happy for people to meet my dogs and become acquainted with the breed.





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