These are our current Swedish Vallhunds. Please check out our Photo Gallery page for brags and other Vallhund friends.

Our Dogs


Cavals Dancing Josie                                          DOB: 11-06-2006


Hips: OFA Fair     Eyes: CERF Clear    Color: Grey Sable     Tail: Docked

Josie is our first Vallhund. She had a brief conformation career which ended after it became apparent that it was not her favorite thing. She much prefers being a homebody and snuggling on the couch.

In 2010 she and Jack became the proud parents of the first litter of Swedish Vallhunds born in Alaska. 7 lovely pups, 4 girls, 3 boys.

The decision was made not to breed her again, so she was spayed and now happily reigns as the Queen of the house.


Dancing Lights Red Aurora                               DOB: 09-08-2010


Eyes: CERF Clear    Color: Light Red Sable     Tail: Full curl

Lucy was the only pup not yet placed when Ron asked if we could keep her. Since he once uttered the now famous phrase " I don't care how many dogs we have" - who was I to say no?  Lucy passed her Puppy Star class and while admittedly is very un SV like in being quite skittish, she never the less is the most cuddly. Her favorite place is on Ron's lap, watching TV and sharing his beer.


CH Fantasi Little Jack Horner CGC TT TBAD TG1 TKN

DOB: 01-24-2009                                 Hips: Penn Hip L: 53  R: 55

Eyes: CERF Clear, DNA Clear   Color: Red Sable     Tail: Long curl

Jack is potato chip #2.  He came to Alaska in March of 2009 and from the moment he came out of his crate at the airport he has been a confident, outgoing dog. He passed his CGC test at 4 1/2 months of age and is one of only 4 Swedish Vallhunds to have taken and passed the American Temperament Test. He has shown great herding instinct however it is not something we have been able to pursue in our area.

Jack is a Conformation Champion with 9 Group Placements to his credit,   he qualified for the NOHS series at Eukanuba in 2014 and was in the top 20 Swedish Vallhund All Breed Stats 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2014.

Jack is the sire of the first Swedish Vallhund litter born in Alaska. He has gone on to compete in Teacup Agility (TDAA) earning his Beginner Agility Dog and Games 1 titles. His newest endeavor is Trick Dog. He has his Trick Dog Novice title and we are working on future levels.

See his brags page for more pictures.


Dancing Lights Alaskan Willow                           DOB: 09-08-2010


Eyes: CERF Clear    Color: Red Sable     Tail: Full curl

Ethel came back to us due to some reactive temperament issues. She has gotten mellower as she has gotten older, but is still the "fun police" of the house. If any of the other dogs get too rowdy or rambunctious she is right there trying to break it up.  While not as cuddly as Lucy, Ethel does enjoy watching TV and will sit on the couch by your feet quite happily. If you are sick it is always Ethel that will stay close by.


DOB:  05-24-2004

       Lady is Ron's dog and an honorary Vallhund. Before we got Josie (I had the Aussies) Ron decided he wanted his own dog. He got Lady at 1 year old, thru a military family that came up from Oklahoma and then could not keep her.  Lady is simply a big yellow marshmallow. She loves to ride in the car, passed her CGC, is great with kids and other dogs alike. She was wonderful with the puppies - let them climb all over her, pull and tug without any complaints. She is getting older now (13) so is moving a little slower and seems to be a bit harder of hearing. She needs a bit of help to get in and out of the truck but still loves to go. A typical retriever, she will still find the only puddle in the yard or driveway to go sit in before she comes back inside.

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